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The unique and patented design of Flex Trim’s KOP-Heads can be used for all kind of sanding.
The inclination of the KOP head ensures that the dust is thrown out instead gathered in the middle,
which would be the situation if it was flat. The inclination also ensures an even sanding quality.
By having a higher pressure in the middle you compensate for the higher outside speed,
which ensure an even sanding quality.




The angle of the inclination of the KOP-Heads ensures that dust can get away.
The inclination varies from size to size.

Where to be used:

Egdebreaking of wooden surfaces:

The KOP-Heads are perfect for sanding of edges. Even profiled edges will be broken
both on the top and on the bottom in one process + the surface will be perfectly sanded.
When used on top surfaces you will see a very nice and smooth sanding without lines.


Deburring of metal parts:

The KOP-Heads are making a perfect even deburring,
even when the part comes with small round holes.




When used on floors, the KOP-Heads leaves a very smooth surface without any
sanding-lines or marks. Normally you will see big savings on consumption of oil.


Manual hand sanding:

A perfect alternative to orbital/disc sanders. The KOP-Heads sands both flat surfaces
and profiles with the same tool. The working process is normally much faster with the
KOP-Heads compared to traditional disc sanding







The KOP heads comes in 4 different standard sizes: Ø125mm;Ø150mm; Ø180mm & Ø240mm